There are steps you can take to make your kids less likely to be exposed to inappropriate or disturbing content online, and to be more prepared when they do come across it.

Key tips

First, make sure your child has entered their correct date of birth when they set up their account. This will prevent them from seeing mature content if they’re under 17.

To keep your kids from seeing Mature-rated stories on Wattpad, do a search for any word in the Search bar (it doesn’t matter what) and then click on Filters at the top of the results page. If their age is set correctly to under 17, they should not see an option for mature content in the Filter options.

If you or your kids find anything that you believe should be labelled mature that isn't, you can always report it and our team of experts will look into it!

Help your kids understand healthy sexuality by directing them to websites that provide good information on sexuality and health, such as (a website created by the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada.)

Make sure they understand that accessing mature content on Wattpad, or inappropriate content elsewhere on the Internet, is against your household rules. MediaSmarts’ research shows that kids are less likely to access inappropriate content online if there’s a rule in the house about what is and isn’t appropriate.