Getting along with other users

Talking to people online isn't exactly the same as talking to them in person.

We don’t get to see or hear a  lot of the things that tell us how someone feels, like their voice or the look on their face. That can make it hard to tell if you’ve hurt someone’s feelings by accident, and it can also make that person feel like you’re ignoring how they feel. 

Here are some ways to deal with that

It’s important to respect the values of the community, but remember that you have a right – and a responsibility – to help set those values too. Don’t let things like harassment, racism, sexism or homophobia go unchallenged: if you see anything like that, report it to Wattpad. You can also post that you don’t agree with what’s being said, but be careful not to make it personal or let it turn into an argument. Please see the Wattpad Empathy Project to learn more about empathy and helping to stop the spread of hate. If you want help deciding how to handle this, check out MediaSmarts’ tool : Impact: How to Make a Difference When You Witness Bullying Online.