Meeting People

If you hang around Wattpad for a while you’re probably going to make some friends: people who like the same kinds of stories you do and will give you advice on your writing. That’s one of the great things about this place, but you also need to know that anywhere on the Internet there are a small number of people who are trying to get teens involved in relationships they’re not ready for.

These people don’t usually try to hide who they are or what they’re interested in: instead, they find somebody they think is vulnerable and shower them with attention and compliments.

Remember that romantic relationships between teens and adults are never a good idea. If you think a friend you’ve met online is pushing you to be something more, you can use the Mute User function to keep them from contacting you and Report the user to the administrators.

Never meet up with someone you’ve met online without telling your parents first. (If you’re not living with your parents, tell a friend who can come with you, or another adult you trust.) Make sure to arrange to meet them in a public place that you can leave easily if you need to. Trust your instincts: if you don’t feel comfortable for any reason, leave.